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Top Reasons to Have a Costa Rica Vacation

Posted by admin on January 6, 2014
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beach-vacation-costa-ricaIf you’re a fan of sun, surfing, and green tourism, it’s a given that you should be planning Costa Rica vacations. Even if you are only staying in Costa Rica resorts, you will still be having the time of your life. But you might be thinking: You can always go to another Central American country, right? That’s true, but then you might miss many Costa Rica Facts that make the country such a sought-after travel destination.
Here are some reasons why you should have Costa Rica in your travel planner:

The Beaches
Let’s start with the obvious: with nearly a thousand miles of coastline, it’s practically impossible that Costa Rica would have no great beaches. There are public beaches like the Manuel Antonio National Park, and there are private beaches for the various hotels. Just remember to avoid the rainy season, unless that’s your kind of thing. And do make sure to pack a lot of sunblock, as you’re sure to relax and enjoy your time in the sun and sand.

It’s a part of Costa Rica facts that it is one of the top surfing spots on Earth. The water is warm and with good waves at any time of the year. You may want to go there during the rainy season, though, as it will mean less people on the beaches. And given that the country faces two oceans, it’s no surprise that you have many places to choose from. There are also many schools for surfing, so don’t be afraid if you’re a newbie, you’ll soon know everything you need to enjoy the surf as best you can.

Costa Rica vacations aren’t just for surfing or the beach. It is the place where forest canopy tours started, where you can travel along the treetops using a zip-line. There are also white-water rafting tours through world-class rapids. You can also go kayaking, cliff-diving, scuba diving, sky diving, and pretty much anything else that can get your blood pumping. In fact, you can probably divide your vacation time between relaxing days at the beach and adventure expeditions, so you can get the most out of Costa Rica resorts and adventure options.


If you’re more the gastronomic kind of adventurer, then you won’t be disappointed. Breakfast is a hearty meal known as gallo pinto, which is black beans, rice, fried plantain, and scrambled or fried egg. You can top that out with cheese or meet. Casado is for lunch and dinner, and is similar to gallo pinto, but with the egg swapped out for salad or vegetable sides. The amazing thing is that within the simple framework of these ideas, they have so many variations that you will have a great time enjoying the local versions. Do remember, too, that Costa Rica is a coffee and chocolate producer, so don’t be surprised if the coffee and chocolate drinks are going to be among the best you’ve ever tasted.

Rain Forests
As we mentioned before, canopy tours started here. That’s because about 25% of the country is made up of national parks and forests. If that doesn’t sound impressive enough, the forests are said to hold about 5% of the whole planet’s biodiversity. If you’re not too thrilled with the idea of a zip-line, there is an aerial tram ride with an expert naturalist that is much safer. Some of the parks offer walking tours, too, with experienced guides who can point out various animals and plants – it’s perfect for the more environmentally-minded travelers and tourists.

Part of Costa Rica facts is that it is home to five active volcanoes, with over 200 volcanic formations aside from that. Even though that may sound like an invitation for disaster, this situation actually helps Costa Rica by providing rich volcanic soil. The volcanoes and its surrounding park areas are popular destinations for campers, hikers, and mountain bikers. You should always have an experienced guide with you, though, if you will be going on these trips, particularly for hiking and camping.

Lower Crime Rate
Thanks to government initiatives, the crime rate in Costa Rica is measurably lower than it is for many other South American countries. Although some petty crimes will still happen, all you need to do is be as aware as you usually are when walking through unfamiliar places, and you should never go around alone, even if you are already familiar with the area. Aside from that, Costa Rica is truly much safer than most other South American destinations.

Support for a Rising Country
Costa Rica resorts are just one facet of the country’s success. The country has abolished its army, and has chosen to invest in social services and education. In the mid-2000s, it launched a massive anti-corruption campaign that made it clear that the negative connotations of a “banana republic” could never be used to describe Costa Rica. It is also pushing to become carbon-neutral by 2021, and to be the first truly developed country in South America. You really just have to have Costa Rica vacations, if only to support such a great national set of goals.

2009 was a special moment for Costa Rica, as it was ranked as the happiest country in the world, based on indicators such as lifespan, education, and environment. And just to show other people that it is serious, it has consulted with other nations on how to keep this going. If you’re in need of cheering up, maybe a Costa Rica vacation is exactly what you need.

The country’s life expectancy is in the five top ranks for the Americas, with a social system that ensures that no citizen is turned away from healthcare. In fact, Costa Rica is also well known for its medical tourism, with topnotch plastic surgery, dental care, and surgery for knee or hip replacements.

Costa Rican vacations aren’t just the beaches, as you should know by now. If you are planning one, do make sure to have a well-rounded one, and see how much you can squeeze out of Costa Rica while you’re there.