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Top 3 Private Universities in San Jose

Posted by Katie on October 19, 2017
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For many decades, university students from the United States have chosen to study abroad. These students take a break from their normal course of study and instead act as visiting students in an international university. This semester abroad allows the students to travel the world, work on language skills, and take classes that apply toward their home university. While taking a semester abroad has been popular for generations, the new trend takes this one step further. In the last years, US students are moving to Central and South America to enroll in full time studies. They avoid lofty study abroad fees charged by the US universities, can dedicate their full college career to language skills and travel, and graduate in a much more stable financial position.

Among Latin American countries, Costa Rica has proven to be a favorite for incoming students. Costa Rica has a strong dedication to their education system, currently spending around 28% of the national budget on public primary and secondary schools, and have developed top of the line universities. Graduating with a diploma from a private international university in Costa Rica will apply toward your professional credentials in the same way that a private university in the United States would. In this small country, they have adopted the same bachelor, masters, and doctoral accredited programs that is used in North America to streamline the education process. Currently, private universities in Costa Rica cost around a third of the tuition charged for in-state public universities in the United States. You can receive a quality education, graduate as a bilingual and well-traveled professional, and start your career without the burden of student loans.

San Jose is the booming capital of Costa Rica and is situated mid-country, in the Central Valley. This modern city offers beautiful and cost-efficient homes and amenities, access to international products, and an international airport. It also is home to the three best private universities in the country. Think studying in a tropical, culturally vibrant country is too good to be true? Check out these top 3 schools in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología

The Latin American University of Science and Technology has campuses in both the Tournón and Escazú neighborhoods of San Jose. Founded in 1987, this small university only has around 5 thousand students enrolled at a time, yet is considered one of the best universities for students seeking to study the sciences. It is a private, for-profit institution accredited by the Costa Rican Ministry of Education. Currently, ULACIT offers courses for those looking for pre-university education, such as associate degrees and professional certificates, as well as bachelor, masters, and doctoral courses.

ULACIT accepts students based solely on academic merit and boasts student enrollment from every continent of the world. Currently their 54 offered majors for bachelor studies are divided into 6 general colleges: Business, Psychology, General Sciences, Dentistry, Law, and Education. This university prides itself on incorporating the latest research and technological advances into each of their courses of study. Depending on the courses you decide to take, you can plan on spending between $2,500 to $5,000 yearly on tuition.

Apart from the state of the art academics, ULACIT offers a modern academic library, campus housing options, sports facilities, financial aid, scholarships, exchange programs, online courses, and distance learning options.

Universidad Veritas

Veritas University was founded in 1976 and focuses on pre-bachelor courses, such as associate degrees and professional certificates, as well as bachelor programs. They do not yet offer masters or doctoral courses, but for those looking to study design and architect for a bachelor’s degree, Veritas University can’t be beat. This small and rather new university is top of its class for design and architectural studies world-wide, and currently enrolls only around 2,000 students.

The Veritas University is divided into two fields of study, design and imagery, each with their unique major concentrations. The School of Design offers 4 major concentrations: Architecture, Advertising, Product Design, and Interior Design. The School of Imagery offers 3 major concentration of study: Photography, TV and Cinema, and Digital Animation. This school prides itself on small class sizes and interactive teaching methods, producing some of the most well-trained professionals in digital and physical design. You can expect to pay from $2,500 to $5,000 a year in tuition, a significant discount from design and architect schools in the United States.

Apart from their world class academics, Veritas University has one of the best academic libraries in Central America. They offer admissions to local students and international students alike and have study abroad opportunities.

Universidad de Ciencias Medicas

The Medical Science University is one of the more rigorous private universities in the country, but its reputation is worth the hard work. Founded in 1999, UCIMED is accredited by multiple public and private institutions and provides bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees in medical and health sciences. They have a rigorous admissions test and interview process, but once accepted, the students can study pre-med as a bachelor’s and continue until their doctoral is completed at the same university. Located in urban San Jose, UCIMED is extremely competitive and difficult, but produces renowned medical professionals who work throughout the world.

While UCIMED focuses primarily on medicine, they also offer diplomas in Pharmacy, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, and Microbiology. All areas of study are offered for bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees. These programs are all rigorous, yet well-developed academic counseling and support is offered. Apart from academic support, UCIMED offers financial aid, physical recreation buildings, and medical centers.