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Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Costa Rica Real Estate Property

Posted by admin on November 27, 2013
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shutterstock_126441416In the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea lies the beautiful country of Costa Rica where the words nature and beauty seem to be synonymous. The people inhabiting this country are warm and friendly, which adds to why this country is such a famous tourist destination. The capital of Costa Rica is San Jose, a modern city that offers tourists with many attractions such as museums, restaurants, and many national parks that feature the beauty and splendor of Costa Rica. Very near the city of Costa Rica, tourists can visit national parks that feature the Poas and the Irazu Volcano.

The South Pacific
In the South Pacific of Costa Rica lies Corcovado National park which is known to be biologically rich with many life forms. This is why many scientists and naturists often visit this part of Costa Rica. It is the largest wetland in Central America, with numerous forests, jungles, rivers, and beaches.

North Pacific
The North Pacific is the oldest territory in Costa Rica with many dry tropical forests and beaches. It is here that many tourists visit all throughout the year.

Top ten reasons to live in Costa Rica
Costa Rica is home to paradise. People who live here experience so many wonderful benefits and advantages that people in other places just simply cannot. Get a hold of Costa Rica real estate agent immediately because living here is simply a chance of a lifetime.

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It features many beaches as well as rain forests and jungles. Those who love nature will enjoy living near the ocean as there are so man y activities that they can do at any time. Costa Rica beaches are famous for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, fishing, hiking, camping, and so many more.

Pleasant weather
For those looking to get away from living in cold climates can find a perfect substitute in Costa Rica. There is seldom rainfall and the weather is pleasant all year around, which allows inhabitants to keep their winter wear and replace that with tropical clothing.

Costa Rica is a natural reserve haven for biologists and scientists who are looking for a suitable place to study habitats and ecosystems. As previously stated, Costa Rica has been hailed as a biologically rich country. Many of the documentaries on wildlife are actually shot in Costa Rica. Some national parks even feature a certain volcano that people can see up close and personal by taking tours. It is very apparent that Costa Rica values their nature immensely, which most other countries simply do not.

Costa Rica is a neutral territory
Costa Rica is under the protection of the United States of America, yet they do not have a functioning army built for war. The nation is peaceful and do not participate in any arms race. This is a wonderful advantage for people who decide on relocating to Costa Rica. People who live here do not experience any uprising problems that cause a lot of fear and turmoil. The people are just as warm as the climate.

The lifestyle of the people in Costa Rica is very laid back and relaxed. This is why it is the perfect place to retire in. People who live in a city or a metropolis live the life of hustle and bustle. They travel through traffic jams and rush hours that produce ridiculous amounts of traffic. When this happens, the disposition of a person morphs into a more negative mindset where a person can easily develop an irritable and agitated personality. Another factor for this is the stress that comes from living a fast-paced lifestyle filled with many obligations and not enough time to accomplish them. Costa Rica is filled with many people who have a well-balanced disposition who view the world in a different light. They are more patient and reserved people who do not get into confrontations with each other.

Easy to Visit
When relocating to Costa Rica, it is extremely easy to travel around the world and come back at any time’s notice. The country is one of the most tourist friendly countries that do not make it difficult for guests to visit. Costa Rica understands that with tourism comes more money brought into their country.

There are many countries that are over-populated and the problems that arise with over-population can drive a country to the ground. Problems such as famine, pollution, lack of jobs, and a lack of natural resource are bi-products of over-population. Costa Rica is home to just 4.7 million people. It would be impossible not to find a piece of this paradise to call your home.

Recreational Activities
One of the greatest advantages that Costa Rica offers their inhabitants is the fact that there are so many activities that you can do. One of them is to take advantage of its natural resources that this country is known for. Activities such as surfing, sailing, snorkeling, fishing, camping, rock-climbing, and many more, cannot be done in most countries. If you have children that you want to raise in an environment that is clean from pollution and rich in culture and tradition, Costa Rica is the place for you and your family.

Many countries that operate under a democratic regime seem to have more rules and laws prohibiting people to do just about anything. Granted that these laws and rules provide structure and discipline, many of the most heinous and notorious crimes have been committed in this rigid type of governing. There’s a belief that the more you prohibit, the more that people will break the law. In Costa Rica, the lifestyle is so laid back and freedom seems to flow smoothly that people do not feel caged by fear of committing a mistake. This is why most Costa Ricans are very happy and contented people.

Building a life in Costa Rica is peanuts compared to living in Hawaii or Spain. This is fantastic for people looking to relocate without having to spend each cent of their life savings on taxes and cost of living. Anyone can build a life here in this beautiful paradise.