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Reasons to Live in Costa Rica

Posted by admin on November 13, 2013
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shutterstock_50008948Costa Rica is located in Central America, just north of Panama. The country is known to be sunny all year around and brings constant, pleasant weather to its inhabitants. The temperatures near the coast range from 20 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius all-year around; while the temperature in the mountain ranges can go down to 13 degrees Celsius. The weather in Costa Rica is dry through December through April, which is summer for Costa Rica, while May to November is the rainy seasons.

Costa Rica is a country so rich with forests and jungles that many scientists go there to study the many different species living in these ecosystems. Just like an ecosystem, Costa Rica is a country that lives harmoniously. In over 50 years, the country has not had an army because they believe in a life of peace and prosperity. Speaking of life, the average lifespan of a Costa Rican is believed to last 15 years longer than an average person living elsewhere in the world. In fact a person who has lived there has four times more chances of living past a hundred years. This can be attributed to how clean the environment of Costa Rica is.

One would be crazy not to want to live in Costa Rica. The nation is among the cleanest in terms pollution. If you want to settle in a country that has a laid back lifestyle and if you love the ocean, you should search for a Costa Rica real estate that you can call home. Here are a few reasons why people who call Costa Rica home do not want to live anywhere else in the world.

Costa Ricans are famous for being warm, helpful, nice, generous, and cordial people who do not mind sharing their beautiful country with many expatriates and visitors. In fact there is an amazing sense of community, there are many social groups and charitable organizations that allow anybody, foreign or local to be involved and proactive in. Tourists who visit Costa Rica never forget their experience, largely due to their encounter with the Costa Rican natives. It is even evident in the politics of Costa Rica where the politicians (ex-President Oscar Arias) believe in peace and unity.

Family oriented
Costa Ricans are very family oriented that in many small towns a person’s entire extended family lives on the same block. This means that family ties will be kept and the children will forever be close with their cousins and relatives. This greatly promotes a value for family life as relatives spend their holidays celebrating as one. For people who believe in the meaning of family, this is a great reason to live in Costa Rica.

Great weather
Costa Rica is a warm country. Not a hot one. People who live here do not have to experience freezing winters that seem to make many people miserable as they need to wear numerous sets of clothing in order to keep warm. Cold temperatures are often a factor in causing a person to become overweight as there is a lack movement that is caused by the freezing cold. When it gets too humid in Costa Rica, people may visit the mountains where the climate becomes very cool and pleasant.

The food in Costa Rica is very spicy and tasty. This is brought about by the over-abundance of many spices and herbs that Costa Rica has. Another reason why the food is that excellent is they have the perfect balance of seafood and meat readily available in the markets everywhere. This allows for many cooks to have complete ingredients in making the tastiest dishes.

Costa Rica has an abundance of produce that people are able to find just about anywhere. From fruits or vegetables, people do not need to search far to find what they need. The fruits and vegetables are said to be very well-produced. The reason for this is that Costa Rican land is extremely fertile.

Costa Rica is known as the “World’s Garden” because of its many ecosystems. It is also known for its many rivers, waterfalls, forests, and jungles. People who live near these natural resources have an abundance of activities to do such as: rock climbing, waterfall diving, camping, trekking, and so many more. The Costa Rica beaches are going to be the last to be mentioned here because these beaches are world class beaches where people can enjoy white sand and clear blue waters. The activities that are done here are: surfing, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sun bathing and many more.

Stunning Views
Many people who live on the higher parts of Costa Rica experience breathtaking views like lush green mountains, forests, and even the ocean, depending on which part they live. The air they breathe is pure and does not come with any pollution, non-whatsoever.

Peace and Quiet
Costa Ricans experience a life free from telemarketers, parking tickets, and other discomforts that come with living in an over-populated city. Costa Ricans live a quiet and simple lifestyle wherein everybody can afford the lifestyle and the expense of living here. This especially true when you live by the beach where all you hear is the constant crashing of the waves on the shore.

Cost of Living
You don’t have to pay a high price to live in this natural wonderland. Living in New York and London can get quite pricey and this makes it a hard place to start a new life. In Costa Rica, you will be surrounded by warmest and kindest people, the most unprecedented beauty, an abundance of all kinds of food, good health care, and some peace and quiet, without the big price.