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Planning a Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Posted by Katie on March 13, 2018
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For people living in the United States and Canada, a new all-time favorite honeymoon destination has been chosen: Costa Rica. The white-sand beaches and swaying palm trees are reason enough for a visit, but people are now being attracted by the low-priced luxury tourism options available. For the same price as a domestic airline ticket you can arrive in either of the 2 Costa Rican international airports. From there you can find your top-of-the-line resort hotel, chauffeured car, and spa vacations for just a fraction of the price you would find in the United States. Starting your marriage off in tropical luxury sounds too good to be true, but more and more couples are choosing this honeymoon plan every year.

Your wedding will be expensive and the planning stages will be stressful, let your honeymoon be devoted to pure relaxation and together-time. Booking a hotel or two in Costa Rica will come with included meals, drivers, and tour suggestions. Your planning will be easy and your time in Costa Rica will be exactly what your marriage needs to start off your lifetime of happiness.

Head to the Beach

Fly into the Liberia Airport so you’re closest to the beach. For a truly successful honeymoon, your first stop should be the white-sand beaches of the Pacific. The Caribbean coast also has breathtaking beaches and stunning scenery, but your luxury tourism options will be more difficult to come by. For a no-stress honeymoon, head to your choice of resorts on the Pacific Coast, either in Guanacaste or on the Nicoya Peninsula.

Your resort will come complete with on-site meals, pools, and very possibly spa and tour packages. You want to spend the most time together as possible, so take no shame in enjoying every bit of comfort and luxury your resort has to offer. Have a lazy morning, eat breakfast pool-side, and spend the morning sun-bathing and getting pampered. An on-site lunch will be the perfect moment to start your happy hour, after all, you’re on your honeymoon.

By the time dinner rolls around, be prepared to leave the resort. While your hotel has all the mouth-water menu items you could dream of, you’ll want to spend some time every day exploring your surrounding beach town. This is a good opportunity to get an exotic cocktail at a beach-front hotel, then slowly walk to a fancier restaurant for a tropical dinner. You may stick around for after-dinner drinks, or make your way to a nearby salsa club. You can join in dancing, singing, and visiting with locals and other visitors. Catch a cab back to your hotel and get a good night’s sleep, you have another long day of relaxation in the morning.

Head to the Jungle

If you have enough time to make 2 destinations during your honeymoon, plan to leave from the beach straight to a jungle lodge. Surprisingly, even here in the jungle you’ll have some top-class luxury inns to choose from. You’ll also have an entirely different, yet no less romantic, view of Costa Rica. You’ll be in the center of the country’s biodiversity, and you’ll see tropical, rainforest flowers and exotic animals at every turn. Your vacation will take a steep change of pace at this point of the honeymoon.

You’ll wake up to a cup of local coffee and a large, locally-produced breakfast. The rest of your morning should be spent walking nearby paths, exploring waterfalls, and quietly watching for monkeys and sloths. You’ll be back in your hotel for another hearty lunch, and probably a cup of coffee and a book for a relaxing afternoon.

By dinner time, you should ask your receptionist if there are recommendable nearby restaurants. It’s always a good idea to explore the town you’re in, but in many cases, your rainforest lodge won’t be near to any large town. No worries, you’ll have everything you need right on campus. You’ll have more food, washed down with a couple beers, and will want to find a high-up deck to watch the sunset. The sun setting over the rainforests of Costa Rica is not an experience you’ll forget.

Pamper Yourself

Spending your honeymoon between the tropical beaches and the wild rainforests is already a recipe for success, but you still need to schedule a couple activities. You have either mornings or afternoons to relax every day, so make sure you schedule a couple spa appointments.

If you’re on the Pacific Coasts, finding a top-of-the-line spa will be no problem. Your resort probably has massage and facial services, but make sure you go all-out. Get your nails done, your hair treated, and as many massages as you can fit into one trip. All these luxurious, professional services will be less expensive than your basic services back home.

If you’re in the rainforest, look into what volcanoes are nearby. There’s a good chance one of these has a hot springs resort. Hot springs are naturally occurring pools of water that gather around volcanoes and are heated by the thermal energy. They are exotic, relaxing, and absolutely picturesque. Many resorts have popped up along hot springs trails, and their services are to die for. Plan an entire afternoon at a nearby hot springs and sign up for every fancy lunch, drink, and relaxation service they offer.

Have a New Experience

You’ll be with the love of your life in the most beautiful spot in the world, so it’s going to be difficult to be motivated to do anything at all. Above all, we want you to enjoy. We want you to take slow, lazy mornings and spend all afternoon walking on the romantic local beaches. We want you to lay in hammocks, slowly hike rainforest trails, and spend hours eating a single meal. We would also like you to have just one new, adventurous experience.

Costa Rica is the land of adventure tourism, and even though this isn’t the purpose of your trip, it would be a shame not to try your hand at a few new sports. Block off one afternoon of your honeymoon for a high-adrenaline experience. Through your hotel, you should be able to book a paragliding tour, surf lesson, or jungle RTV excursion. This afternoon will be sweaty, tiring, and absolutely thrilling. You’ll have the experience of a lifetime, share incredible moments with your new spouse, and have pictures that will be the envy of all of your at-home supporters. After your expedition, you can feel free to get back to your vacation of relaxation and tranquility.