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Orotina Real Estate Costa Rica

Posted by admin on June 23, 2014
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Orotina, Costa Rica has long been forgotten by those seeking to find a home in Costa Rica. Fortunately, though, that’s all changing. As the city is expanding, so are the number of people who are discovering this charming little place to call home. Part of the reason for the sudden interest in Orotina is the new highway recently added to the town. The highway leads to Caldera and also links the town to major beaches and the happening city of San Jose.orotina real estate costa rica

Build Your Dream Home

Since Orotina is kind of an “up and comer,” finding luxury homes in the area isn’t easy just yet. That doesn’t mean that you can’t live in style in this city however. No, there are plenty of vacant lots just waiting to become the site of the house of your dreams. Featuring very flat, sturdy land and an expanse of mountains all around, Orotina is one of the most perfect places imaginable to build a home of your own.

Beaches that Can’t be Beat

While it’s true that Orotina is more of a mountain town than a beach town, that doesn’t mean that the locals don’t have access to some awesome beaches. Orotina is situated close enough to several beaches that you can easily travel to them in a few minutes. There’s a lot to be said for having beautiful beaches close by but not right in town. You can enjoy the beach atmosphere when you want while still escaping all the noise and traffic that goes along with being a major tourist destination.

The popular Nativa beach resort is only about twenty minutes away from Orotina. Travel another five minutes, and you’re at even more popular Punta Leona. Also nearby are Hermosa Beach, which is great for surfing, and the swanky Los Suenos Resort.

Picnic in the Park

When you tire of beaches (is that even possible?), you can always escape with your family, that special someone, or just a few friends to one of the local parks. Right in the center of town, you’ll find a huge and highly decorated church (you can’t miss it). Directly across from that church sits a vast, green park with a pavilion that’s always a hub of social activity. Concerts, plays, and other events are frequently held there.

If you’re willing to go a little outside of town, you can even reach Turubari Tropical Park. This isn’t your typical park, however. Here, you’ll find lots of fun activities, including zip lining courses, hiking trails, nature exhibits, and so much more.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Trying to live a healthier lifestyle? Living in Orotina makes accomplishing your health and fitness goals a whole lot easier by supplying you with a virtually unending (and super cheap!) supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, the locals lovingly refer to Orotina as “the fruit town,” thanks to its yearly National Fruit Festival, held in March. While the festival is definitely a fun way to celebrate the town’s commitment to good food and to pay a special “thanks” to its many local farmers, the supply doesn’t end when the festival is over. No, local farmer’s markets and independent stands will help you to stay stocked up on the good stuff all year long.

Travel by Train

While there’s plenty to do and see without ever leaving Orotina, the town makes it easy to escape for a weekend getaway. That’s because it features its own train station with direct trips available to San Jose, Caldera, and more. No place is off limits, and getting wherever you want to go is super easy. Just show up at the train station, pick a place, and you’re on your way. Typically, reservations aren’t even necessary, making it easy to be spontaneous.

Ready to Call Orotina Home?

If you think Orotina sounds like the perfect place to call home, then talk to a local real estate agent to explore your options. There are some houses available, both for rent and sale, and remember, you always have the option of building a home tailored specifically to you.