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Naranjo Real Estate

Posted by admin on June 1, 2014
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Are you considering relocating to Naranjo? If so, you’ll be happy to know that this town has some truly great real estate to offer. You can find American style single family homes, cozy villas, luxury homes, and a wide range of small sized farms, perfect for those who truly want to get away from it all. You can get a small home for as little as $50,000. Luxury homes, however, can cost as much as a million dollars or more in this popular, beautiful area. Naranjo is somewhat of a small town, but its proximity to larger cities and its popularity as a retirement destination have made it a happening, desirable place to be, and there’s definitely room for you!Naranjo Real Estate Costa Rica

What’s Nearby?

While there’s plenty to do and see within Naranjo itself, the surrounding towns also offer a lot of fun. Hip San Jose, which is a popular tourist destination, not to mention a bustling city, is a mere 27 miles away from Naranjo. Even closer at only three miles away is the artistic Sarchi, which is a great place to visit if you like to buy or admire art. You’re also close to Ciudad Quesda, the Northern Lowlands, Montverde, Guanacaste, and Arenal. Naranjo’s central location makes it an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy small town life while still staying “in the loop.”

Get Your Golf On!

Popular with the retirement crowd but open to people of all ages, the famed Cariari golf course is just a few miles away from Naranjo. Golfers can enjoy an 18 hole championship golf course, and everyone can have fun on the tennis courts or relaxing at the adjoining country club. If golf isn’t quite your thing, however, don’t worry. Naranjo offers something for everyone.

Open a Business

Naranjo has long been famous for its coffee production, and many tourists flock to the area each year to take tours of the coffee production plants. With so many tourists coming in, the locale is a prime spot for those looking to open a business. Whether you’ve always dreamed of opening your own restaurant, selling trendy clothes and accessories, or anything in between, there’s no better time (or place!) to do it.

Other Attractions

While the coffee tours are definitely one of the main draws for tourists, they aren’t the only ones. Locals and tourists alike look forward to the annual festival held in honor of the Virgin of Lourdes each year. Entertainment, food, and festivities abound at this special time of year. Beautiful local architecture, including a gorgeous baroque church, also impresses visitors on a regular basis and allows locals to feel proud of the place they call home.

Despite the fact that tourists regularly flock to see these sites, Naranjo stays pretty free from the congestion, traffic, and noise that tourists often bring. Tourists tend to be spread out and to only come at certain key times of year, such as the late spring and early summer, and the town is pretty good at handling them. Furthermore, despite its popularity, Naranjo is a surprisingly quiet and calm place to live, offering the best of both worlds to residents.

Native Naranjo

Perhaps one of the very best features of Naranjo is that it has stayed true to its Costa Rican roots. Unlike larger cities, which have become very Americanized, Naranjo still has that natural Costa Rica charm.

The foreign population in the area is relatively small, meaning the prices on real estate and the general cost of living have yet to go up and are actually well below the national average. However, Naranjo is getting more and more popular among foreigners, so it’s best to act quickly if your goal is to get a piece of real estate at a steal.

Also, bear in mind that even though Naranjo may be somewhat traditional in terms of how things are done there and in terms of the people who reside there, it still has all the modern amenities. You can keep your cell phone, internet, and cable television habits while still settling into the simpler, sweeter way of living that the area offers.

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