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Los Reyes Real Estate

Posted by admin on May 27, 2014
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Los Reyes may be viewed as kind of its “own little place,” but it’s actually a part of the much larger surrounding communities of La Guacima and Alajuela. That’s good news since Los Reyes itself is mainly just a community dedicated to golfing. While that might sound like a dream come true if you love to golf, you still have to have somewhere to do your shopping and to live your life, and the surrounding areas provide you with just that.Los Reyes Real Estate

Not only are you close to all the necessities when you choose to live in Los Reyes, but you’re also close to lots of beautiful Central Pacific beaches, to the happening city of San Jose, and to the international airport Juan Santamaria.

Golf Properties

As mentioned, Los Reyes really is a golfing community, and most of the properties available for rent or purchase are located on or very close to golf resorts. The premiere golf resort in the area is Hacienda Los Reyes Country Club and Golf Community, and it manages the three major golf communities in the area.

The first is Centro Campero, which is a collection of small to medium sized single family homes, perfect for retired couples or even for young, active families with one to three children. Even smaller, cheaper, and more compact homes can be found in nearby Las Vueltas, which also has several lots for sale on which buyers can build their own dream homes!

Then, currently in the building process is Las Puertas, which will eventually feature a collection of elaboration townhomes.

As you can imagine, most of these properties are a bit more expensive than your standard Costa Rica home, but you’re paying for the privilege of belonging to an exclusive community and being able to golf whenever you want. If you’re not a big golfer or aren’t quite so picky about where you live, then you can consider looking at the Los Reyes living options that are not affiliated with a golfing community. However, those are rather few and far between, so if you’re not there for the golf, you might want to venture outside of Los Reyes to find a place to call home.

Great Golfing

As mentioned, the premiere golfing locale in Los Reyes is the Hacienda Los Reyes Country Club and Golf Community. Its main attraction, both for residents and visitors alike, is its golf course. The course is celebrated for a wide variety of reasons, and one of those is the fact that it was conceived by legendary golf course design firm Robertson Ward & Associates.

The course also features a lighted independent driving range, extensions designed for both men and women, and an independent putting green. All of these features allow golfers to play for fun and to work on improving their games daily. What could be better than that for the golfing guru?

Other Things to Do

While it might seem like golfing is the only thing to do in Los Reyes, that’s actually not the case. The catch is, however, that in order to enjoy most of the amenities the town has to offer, you have to be a member of the country club/golfing community. Without membership, there’s really not much in the way of entertainment.

Those who are members of the club, however, can enjoy several excellent features, including tennis courts, swimming pools, a polo field, restaurants, a sauna, a massage parlor, a gym, stables, picnicking areas, a playground, a volleyball court, a basketball court, and a soccer field. If you can’t tell from the amenities, Los Reyes is a place that’s all about being active and healthy, and you’ll find that most people who live in the area are fit and love being outdoors. That makes sense when you consider Los Reyes’ gorgeous weather, which persists for most of the year and is yet another reason to love the area.

Life in Los Reyes

Los Reyes is an interesting mix of people. While almost everyone who lives in the area is affluent and upstanding, there really are people of all ages. You’ll find lots of retirees, living out their golden years in this sunny paradise. There are also families with children, singles, and more. Know that, no matter who you are, if you love to golf and want to live a life that’s beautiful, fun, and free, there’s a place for you in Los Reyes!

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