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Living in the Mountains of Costa Rica

Posted by admin on August 24, 2013
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costa-rica-mountainsLife in the mountains is an ideal proposition for some, but living in the mountains of any country can be a challenge for those who are not acclimated to it, much less the mountains of a foreign country. If you are not native to the regions of Costa Rica, then it is always worth exploring what to expect should you decide to live in a mountainous region.

Life Away from the Coasts

There are several advantages to living in the mountains of Costa Rica:

The temperature is lower by ten to fifteen degrees, and the environment is less humid.
The prices of land are much lower than coastal properties.
There is less development, and thus more natural scenery to enjoy.
Beaches are only a few hours away or less, depending on the mountain region.

There are also challenges to be considered:

Less access to well constructed roads.
Reduced internet access and cell phone coverage.
More exposure to rain and other storm conditions.
Slower reaction time by law enforcement and emergency services.

Living in the mountains has as many ups and downs as the mountains themselves, but for some, there are considerably more “ups.” The scenic beauty of the mountainous regions are just as breathtaking as the beaches, and often less hampered by local development. While law enforcement may not be able to reach your property as quickly as they may in more urban parts of the island, mountain regions are often more secluded and less populated, which reduces your chances of petty theft.

Homes, Farms, and More

A lack of development also means more opportunities for those who want to purchase land to live and work off of. The mountainous regions are home to numerous farms and retirement homes, thanks to its lower prices and greater amounts of open space. Those who are interested in purchasing mountain property can expect to see many more opportunities for investment than they would find in the lowland, especially if they are interested in property they can actually reside in.

Mountain living, though, is often extremely rural living. Those who have experience with living in rural areas will have no problem adapting to the change of living in a mountain region, which may be a long drive away from grocery markets and local services. Those who are more acclimated to living in cities may find it to be a challenge, but one that is ultimately quite rewarding; once you learn to live in the mountains, you come to understand why so many have chosen these locations as their ideal plot in Costa Rica.

Apart from the ideal scenery and relatively untouched habitat, the mountains also offer some of the most incredible views to be found on the island. Natural, unfettered rainforest growth and wildlife all come together to create a rich environment that is like no other place on the planet. Life in the mountains means more self reliance, and less city convenience, but the balance can be found in the amazing forests and landscapes of these regions.