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The Province

2,656 sq. km
Average Temperature:
23 C
Tourist Attractions:
Braulio Carrillo National Park
Ojo de Agua
Monte de la Cruz
Barva Volcano National Park

The Province

1,150 meters above sea level

General Information

If you know anything about Costa Rica, then you probably already know that it’s divided into provinces. What you might not know, however, is that one of the most beautiful and bustling provinces in all of Costa Rica is the Heredia province. The capital of this province is Heredia, and it’s an amazing place to visit. Just a few miles away from the capital of Costa Rica itself, San Jose, Heredia is a thriving area that offers much to see and do for tourists. It’s also a bit of a college town since it is home to the National University of Costa Rica, a large school with both Costa Rican students and students from around the world.

Picture-Perfect Weather

You probably expect Heredia and all of Costa Rica, for that matter, to be quite warm. While it is true that most of Costa Rica experiences year-round sunshine, that sunshine can be a little too warm in some areas. That’s not the case in Heredia, however. While the weather is seasonably warm, a nice cloud cover keeps it from being too hot; the weather in Costa Rica really doesn’t get much better than that! It can sometimes get rainy in Heredia, but don’t worry—the rain usually passes quickly, and there are plenty of indoor activities to try. If you’re very worried about rainy weather, however, plan your visit outside of the May to October period, since this tends to be the “rainy season” for Heredia and the surrounding areas.

Close to Everything

While Heredia has many characteristics that make it an excellent place to visit, it’s also a good spot to be in if you plan to visit a lot of different areas in Costa Rica. Its prime, central location puts you incredibly close to the Juan Santamaria International Airport—close enough to easily hop on a plane and go exploring but not so close that you’re forced to listen to the sounds of airport noise all day. Also nearby is the Central Volcanic Corridor, a must-see for those who have never been exposed to volcanoes. This isn’t to say, of course, that you shouldn’t devote some time to exploring Heredia itself, but once you’ve seen all there is to see, you can easily get to any other locale that interests you.

Experience the Wonder of a Waterfall

There are a lot of “tourist traps” in Heredia and Costa Rica in general—you know, places that lure you in with exciting promises but that turn out to be nothing more than overpriced disappointments. One place that attracts a lot of tourists but that is definitely not a tourist trap is La Paz Waterfall Gardens. This beautiful outdoor spot provides the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with nature and maybe even go for a hike in the great outdoors. There are five gorgeous waterfalls to explore, two natural forests, and a wildlife refuge where you can view jaguars, spider monkeys, ocelots, sloths, and more. The refuge even has its own aviary where you can feed the toucans and try to catch a glimpse of the hummingbirds. Other must-see animal exhibits at the Gardens include The Frog Habitat and the Serpentarium. This location will appeal to adults and children alike, making it perfect place for spending time with the family.

Inbio Park

Heredia has more than its fair share of parks, but if you can only see one of them, make it Inbio Parque. Be prepared, however; the park is rather massive, and it could take anywhere from one to two hours to see the whole thing! There’s plenty to catch your eye on the journey through the park, however, including the natural flora and fauna, which is one of Inbio Parque’s main draws. In addition to beautiful plant life, you can also check out exotic animal life; the park regularly has birds, snakes, and a variety of other animals for guests to view. Children are welcome, though you may want to stick to just a few areas of this very-large park to make the trek easy on little feet. Make sure you bring your camera too; photography is encouraged, and you can get some truly great pictures to treasure forever!

Bravo for Barva!

When you finally make your way out of Heredia, try and arrange a stop at Barva, a pleasant, small town located just north of Heredia. The town, which was founded in the 16th century, features rustic, colonial architecture, so exploring it is like getting a history lesson! One hot spot for tourists is the brilliant Basilica de Barva, a church that was founded in the 18th century and that features breathtaking architecture from the period. It’s also recommended that you stop at Café Britt’s production farm for a tour and, best of all, a taste test! Even if you don’t make it to Barva or anywhere else in Costa Rica, however, you should still have a blast checking out all that Heredia has to offer.