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How do I print this page?

  1. Click ‘file’ on your browser
  2. Select ‘Print…’
  3. Choose the printer you wish to use
  4. Press ‘OK’

What is axnMLS?

axnMLS is the first and Costa Rica MLS, specifically designed for realtors in Costa Rica and the general public, where clients and visitors can access listings from anywhere in the world. Our Costa Rica MLS is especially useful for appraisals and evaluations. The easy to use search feature makes axnMLS the perfect user interface.

How do I use Costa Rica mls?

Simple browse the website and look at properties that interest you. If you’d like to contact the listing owner than you can do so easily on the listing itself near the bottom. Simply fill out the short form.

How to Search our system for listings?

You can either enter a search term in the Text Search box or use the “Search Listings” link second from the left in the top navigation bar or if you know the Listing ID number enter that in the Search by ID box.

How do I see all the listings in your database?

To see a list of all the listings in our system use “Search Listings then All Listings” located forth from the left on the top nav bar.
You can also view the Latest Listings (new feature)

How can I see a list of ALL of our real estate agents?

To see a list of our agents click “Meet Our Agents” on the nav bar.

How can I see a listings of a particular real estate agents listings?

To see a list of listings for a particular agent click “meet our agents” on the top of the left nav bar, then when you find the particular agent you are looking for click on “view my listings”.

What is My Homes?

This feature allows you to keep a list of properties in our database that is of interest to you or which you would like to remember for a later date. (you need to signup as a member)

What is Agent Login?

This is exclusively for our Agents!

What is Member Login?
That’s for you once you signup!

What are the benefits to become a member?
You can save your searches for future
You can be notified about a new listing that you are looking for
You can receive a Newsletter with or without 10 newest listings

Help for realtors

Once you login you have few options:

  1. Create New Listing
  2. Edit Listing
  3. Edit YOUR profile
  4. See your statistics
  5. All above is self explanatory and straight forward

The things to watch for!

The images have to be optimized prior upload – must be less then 40000 bytes and “Dimensions” have to be less then 440×340 pixels.
(You images will NOT show if the above is not followed)

Do you offer any kind of support?

Yes, we offer 24/7 online support via email (please allow up to 24 hours for a response)

Still need help?

Should you have any further problems, please do not hesitate to Contact Us