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Costa Rica Weather in October

Posted by Katie on October 6, 2017
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October has never been a popular time for vacationers to enter Costa Rica, possibly because of work and school schedules but also possibly because of a misunderstanding of Costa Rican weather. Commonly known as the rainiest month of the year, October actually brings an almost totally inverted weather pattern, bringing rain to the Pacific and dry skies to the Caribbean. Rainy forecasts scare away the faint-hearted traveler, but those who are familiar with Costa Rica in October know exactly what benefits this rain brings. Certain features of Costa Rican beauty only come out during this time of year, but you will need to put some extra research behind your itinerary to make the most of your trip. Don’t let the monsoon-season hype scare you away. You may find a totally new love for this tropical country after experiencing it in all its blossoming glory.

Pacific Zone

The west coast is well known for its dry, tropical heat, receiving no rain for up to 8 months of the year. The remainder of the year, however, makes up for that lack of rainfall. October brings heavy, monsoon style rains to the Pacific Zone. The good news is that these heavy rains are predictable and often short-lived, so they won’t ruin any of your plans. You can expect a heavy afternoon shower, often not lasting an entire hour, and another slower and more steady rain during the late evening. The rest of the day, however, will be absolutely prime for rainforest excursions and beach sports. You may have taken a rainforest hike during your previous trips, but visiting again in October will bring hundreds of tropical flowers, almost illuminated green trees, and flocks of exotic birds. You’ll need to pack extra shoes and a poncho for this rainy season trip, but braving the muddy roads will be well worth it. You’ll be able to plan your trip by taking advantage of early morning excursions, eating lunch and enjoying a tropical storm mid-afternoon, and using the rest of the day for beach fun.

Another huge benefit of visiting in October is avoiding the searing heat. The Costa Rican Pacific Zone can reach over 100 degrees during parts of the year, but October will bring what the locals call “cool weather,” which settles usually around the mid 80s. The weather will be perfect for longer beach days, the surf will be ideal, and the color of Costa Rica will burst through your photographs.

If you decide to visit the Pacific during October, be ready for a few canceled or delayed plans. Also be ready to enjoy a beach-side piña colada under the shelter of a tiki bar while watching some of the most incredible tropical storm scenes on earth.

Northern Zone

The northern zone, especially in the highlands, brings possibly the coolest temperatures Costa Rica will see all year. During the dead of the night, you may even feel temperatures drop into the high 50s for a couple hours. During the day, however, these highlands will bounce back up to a comfortable mid 70s range. This zone of Costa Rica will also experience rains during October, and while it may not seem like a heavy storm, some country roads won’t be able to hold out. The Northern zone is famous for eco-tourism and dirt-road excursions, but a trip during October may include some change of plans. In general, it’s a good idea to call your eco-hotel ahead of time to ask about road conditions. If they give you the green light, you’ll experience the cloud forest like never before. Brighter colors, more active animals, and fresh fruit will flood the entire region.

Southern Zone

During October, the Southern zone receives the grunt of the rainfall. While the landscapes and natural views absolutely improve, you may find some closed hotels and tour agencies. Unlike in other parts of the country, here rain can last for days on end, without much of a break for tourism activities. If you’re looking for a cozy jungle lodge and some un-plugged, relaxation time, you may have found your mark. If you have a full itinerary of active plans, however, you may want to hold off for a month or so before visiting this zone.

Central Valley

The Central Valley will receive similar weather to the Pacific Coast during this time. Heavy rains will delay some plans, but sunlight and clear skies still take up the majority of the day. Temperatures drop to the 70s and even in the city, the increase of plant life and animal activity will be notable. In the past, the rainy reputation of October has scared vacationers away from visiting the Central Valley, but the tide is starting to turn. Any Central Valley jungles and national parks will be in full bloom and you’ll have more than enough dry-time to check everything off your must-see list. Your trips will be muddy, but that can be part of the fun for an extreme-sporting enthusiast.

In the Central Valley, mosquitos and other pests can become a problem during October. Remember that although you may get away with leaving the sunscreen at home, bringing some bug spray, insect wipes, and a citronella candle for your down time may help improve your experience.


While many people flock to Costa Rica for the jungle excursions and impressive biodiversity, another large part of vacationers are just looking for some tropical beach time. If you plan to come in October, you are in luck; the Caribbean Coast will be experiencing its driest and most tropical time of the year. Daytime highs will be in the 90s and while showers are always possible, they are most unlikely during this time of year. Better yet, while the country experiences a low-season in tourism, Caribbean hotels will be offering discounted prices and constant openings. You’ll be able to get your muddy adventures out of the way in any other part of the country, then end your vacations with some tropical, Caribbean relaxation.