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Buying Tips

First and foremost consider what part of Costa Rica you would like to purchase Real Estate in. Each province in Costa Rica has it’s own climate. View our Maps for information about each Costa Rican province and climates. Costa Rica has many great locations to buy real estate, from the Pacific to Atlantic.

Keep in mind that there are different regulations around the country for buying property (mainly on the beaches) however inquire about this before you buy!

Use your judgment when choosing Real Estate in Costa Rica. Make sure the realtor you are talking to is knowledgeable about Real Estate in Costa Rica and interested in what you want not their commission! One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need to have a license in Costa Rica to sell Real Estate, so some people try to become realtors with little or no knowledge to help you find the Real Estate that best suits your needs. This isn’t saying that you have to be paranoid about talking to realtors in Costa Rica as many of them are good people doing their best to find the best Real Estate for their clients, just saying use your common sense!

When looking at Real Estate be observant. The Neighborhood, People, Facilities, Stores, Etc are all good things to look for around the property you are considering.

Consider your safety when buying Real Estate in Costa Rica. Like any third world country Costa Rica has crime. When looking for Real Estate make sure there are at least security bars on the windows (the majority of homes in Costa Rica already have these installed). Ideally a 10ft gated security fence would be best however not required in Costa Rica. A garage is good too as in some areas of Costa Rica you may wake up to find your vehicle on blocks or worse yet gone completely.

So you have found Real Estate you we’re looking for in Costa Rica.

close up of businessman holding a briefcaseGET A LAWYER!!! Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica can be extremely tricky and potentially dangerous without having a good lawyer. The US Embassy has made a list of what they think are good lawyers in Costa Rica. We strongly recommend you read over our Costa Rica Real Estate Laws section to get a good idea of how things work when buying Real Estate in Costa Rica. This will also help you know if a lawyer is trying to give you the run around.

We would highly recommend to work with a good title insurance company just to make sure everything is fine!

There are many great advantages to living in Costa Rica. Purchasing Real Estate in Costa Rica if done right it will be one of the best things you ever do!

If you have problems with any of the Real Estate Agents listed on our MLS catalog please Contact Us immediately!

If you feel there is something crucial missing from this list then please let us know.