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What are the top 3 schools in Guanacaste?

Sep 13, 2017
When making a move abroad, the education system is a factor that weighs heavily upon the minds of families with you [more]
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Living in San Jose – The Top 10 Things...

Sep 12, 2017
It can be difficult deciding in which region of Costa Rica to settle down, but choosing San Jose is a popular choic [more]
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10 reasons to live in Costa Rica over any ot...

Sep 11, 2017
Costa Rica is one of the most common destinations for people looking to relocate to Latin America, and has been for [more]
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Why do so many expats live in Santa Ana and ...

Sep 08, 2017
Costa Rica, a small country measuring up to the size of West Virginia, somehow manages to offer an incredible varie [more]
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What microclimates will I find in Costa Rica...

Sep 07, 2017
Costa Rica is a particularly small country with one of the largest ranges of climates and climate zones in the enti [more]
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The major differences between Costa Rica and...

Sep 06, 2017
A huge number of factors play into the decision to relocate to Central America, but one of the #1 reasons given is [more]
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