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7 Natural Remedies in Costa Rica

Posted by Katie on March 23, 2018
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Costa Rica is the healthiest country in Central America. Locals to this small, Central American country eat better, exercise more, and prioritize their mental well-being. There are now a whole lot more reasons to make Costa Rica your go-to vacation destination. While you relax by the tropical sea in a swaying hammock, you’ll be served a variety of superfoods picked especially to boost your health. When you try your hand at an adrenaline-fueled water sport, you’ll re-discover your love of exercise and activity. And while you explore the dense rainforests, you’ll appreciate the well-maintained natural beauty surrounding your every step. You’ll get the perfect vacation and come back home refreshed and ready to start your new, healthy life.

Costa Rica goes a lot further than healthy living habits, however. This small country, no larger than the U.S. state of West Virginia, also has over 270 different species of medicinal plants. Many of these plants originate on the Nicoya Peninsula, and the others can be found scattered around the rest of the country. While you turn your vacation into a wellness journey, see if you can pick up some advice on medicinal plants as well. You may just find a new, alternative solution to your everyday aches and pains.

1: Honey

Honey, a delicious alternative to sugar in any of your sweetened foods, was traditionally used as a medicine. Better tasting than any medicine you’ve probably ever tried, we’re willing to bet that this is something you’ll want to incorporate into your everyday diet.

Honey has very strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Many natural medicine enthusiasts actually consider honey to be one of the best natural all-around cures. Studies are currently being performed to analyze the strength of honey applied topically to a wound. It is widely believed that honey, applied directly to a cut, will help with wound healing and safety, warding off infections. Its use as a natural cough suppressant is also still under investigation, so more wonders of honey are still to come.

2: Lemongrass

This fast-growing and inexpensive grass is almost too potent to put in a list. In fact, Lemongrass deserves an article all of its own. It has countless usages, and many have been scientifically proven to produce results.

Lemongrass is traditionally taken for relief from stomach disorders, insomnia, respiratory problems, fevers, aches, and infections. It’s a strong detoxifier with a lovely, natural smell, so those not suffering any illnesses also commonly use this herb. It helps them detox their bodies while resolving any fatigue, stress, or body odor issues.

Those who truly believe in the power of Lemongrass will tell you that its true powers have not yet been discovered. Many claim that this simple plant helps with the process of curing cancer, protects against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, restores cholesterol levels, and can treat Type II Diabetes. You’ll have to try it out for yourself to see how far this plant can get you.

3. Ginger

Ginger is one of the more commonly known natural medicines, but it may be of special use during your trip to Costa Rica. If you every find yourself on a cruise, fishing trip, or boat tour, it may be within your best interest to bring along some ginger products. This will help you fight nausea and seasickness within minutes. Motion sickness, pain, and loss of appetite will be taken care of, and all you have to do is prepare some strong ginger cookies.

During your adventurous trip, motion sickness is a real possibility. You’ll want ginger products on hand for a worst-case scenario. If you never feel poorly, eat your ginger treats anyway! They’ll act as natural stroke and heart disease medicine and you’ll get a boost in your nutrient absorption and bacterial infection immunity while you’re at it!

4. Star Fruit

Some people call star fruit a one-stop medicine shop, and it’s no big mystery as to why. The benefits of star fruit are as about a diverse as can be. While too bitter for many people’s taste buds, this highly nutritious fruit should be added to your morning smoothie so you can enjoy the benefits to come.

The benefits will start with your hair, nails, and skin. You’ll look good and feel healthy. The same fruit will act as an antimicrobial agent, metabolism stabilizer, and huge source of fiber. You can use it for sunburns, hangovers, and even sore eyes. The magnesium content of your diet will sky rocket, and your health status will rise with it.

5. Aloe Vera

This plant may be one that you’ve used before, but probably not in a 100% natural way. Ale Vera is another medicinal plant that can be applied topically. This will help cure and sooth any burn, from a sunburn to a more serious kitchen accident.

In many countries, a diluted form of Aloe Vera is bottled and sold as a natural medicine. In Costa Rica, many families have their own plant in the back yard. Whenever needed, they can cut off a stem, slice it open, and use the sticky green gel inside for their burns. It is quick, easy, and absolutely effective. Next time you’re out shopping for medicine cabinet items, make sure to grab a bottle of Aloe Vera that’s 100% pure for the best outcomes.

6. Brazilian Cherry Tree

This tree may originally be from Brazil, but it grows in Costa Rica wildly. Brazilian cherry trees can be found in almost any region of the country, and their potential is almost unlimited.

From what we know about this medicinal tree, the sap will cure fungal infections, the bark will lesson the intensity of Type II Diabetes, and the seeds will help treat anemia. People commonly use different parts of the tree to make fast-acting cures, and the results are undeniable. While not something you may be used to using, it’s worth it to explore a bit further into the world of the Brazilian Cherry Tree.

7. Coconut

By far, the coconut is the most pleasurable medicine you’ll every have to take. When you’ve had too much sun, too much alcohol, or are feeling the pains of seasickness and fatigue, grab a tall glass of coconut water. When you’re in Costa Rica you won’t need to buy it bottled either, you’ll find vendors selling it straight from the coconut at every beach, park, and traffic light. Your energy will boost and you’ll feel positive effects on any digestive problems, gastritis, ulcers, or liver ailments you may be suffering.

Never has health and medicine been so easy. When in Costa Rica, look into picking up some of these tropical cures and trying them for yourself. You’ll enjoy the health boost and may not mind the absolutely delicious smoothies in the process.