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5 Reasons to Move to the Caribbean Coast

Posted by Katie on January 5, 2018
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Moving to Costa Rica, either long-term or permanently, is a popular choice around the world. In fact, Costa Rica is one of the top destinations for US and Canadian expatriates. For a huge variety of reasons, Costa Rica takes the cake when analyzing country security, comfort, convenience, and a happy, healthy way of life. Chances are, you already know someone who has taken the leap into Costa Rican living, and whether you’re considering this country for a business venture, retirement, or simply to try out life in a tropical, inexpensive country, you’ve come to the right place.

While this Central American country is no larger than the US state of West Virginia, you’ll still need to make major decisions when it comes to moving time. You have urban cities, rural mountains, beach towns, and cozy suburban communities, surrounded by breathtaking natural views, to choose from. Each person analyzes their own priorities and needs when making this decision, however, residing in a Pacific Coast beach town seems to be the most popular choice. Currently, the huge majority of international newcomers to Costa Rica live in the Guanacaste Province along the Pacific. While this is a great choice, it’s not the only choice. Recently, relocating to the Caribbean Coast has begun to enter the picture. This may not have been the most popular destination choice just 10 years ago, but the tide is changing. While you’re considering your destination options, don’t leave the Caribbean Coast out of the picture, in fact, you may just want to move this destination to the top of your list.

1: A New, Growing Adventure

Previously under-developed, the Caribbean region of Costa Rica is just starting its boom. Formerly undeveloped roads are now paved highways, and international products and convenience buys are becoming more and more accessible. Whereas before people relocating to the Caribbean lived a more local, simple life, the region is now starting to offer the comfort and convenience of a city while maintaining its Caribbean twist.

For the retirees, this means a less populated, less trafficked retirement destination where you can enjoy your days in the sun without the bustle of the Pacific Region. For aspiring entrepreneurs, this means endless business opportunities without the tough competition of the Pacific Coast, where businesses have been developing and out-selling their younger competitors for decades. Regardless of your reasons for moving, deciding on an up-and-coming region of the country with less competition and repetitive business traffic is a good move. Find your spot in the quickly maturing Caribbean Coast and make your mark in its development.

2: Ocean Lover’s Paradise

This may not need to be said, but life in the Caribbean, with its white sand beaches, shining blue water, and Rastafari-influenced, laid back culture, is purely paradise. You have sun, sand, waves, nearby rainforest explorations, and city conveniences all within your reach.

Any beach bum will reel at the opportunity. For those looking for a relaxing, peaceful way of life, the pristine beaches, natural food options, and endless cocktails will be more than enticing. For the adventurers among you, the opportunities for water sports and extreme adventure will be unlimited. You’ve moved from your home countries to Costa Rica for a change of pace, and the more natural, happy culture will be just the change you’re looking for. There’s no better life than the one that gives you a hammock on a Caribbean beach just ten minutes from your home.

3: Multicultural Diversity

Because the Caribbean coast has traditionally been so separated from the rest of the country, it has developed its own unique culture. Truthfully, this region of the country is entirely different from the rest of Costa Rica. Around a third of the country is from Jamaican descent, and there is still an active community of Bribri and Cabecar indigenous tribes. There is also a large influence of Lebanese and Chinese Latinos. As for the new incomers, movers to this region tend to be from all over the world, opposed to the primarily US and Canadian communities on the Pacific. You’ll meet people from The Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, and everywhere in between.

This mixture of cultures has greatly influenced Caribbean life. Not only has it created a more tolerance-based, accepting attitude, but it also means a mixing-pot of food, drink, and activity culture. You get to start your life in the happy, healthy Costa Rica, while at the same time learning of cultures and partaking in practices from all over the world. Your family, with all its quirks and peculiarities, will be warmly embraced in this accepting climate.

4: Ecological Lifestyle

Costa Rica is home to nearly 5% of the entire world’s biodiversity, and approximately 70% of the Caribbean Coast line is protected territory. The government is taking dedicated action to ensure the preservation of the region’s nature and wildlife.

For environmentalists, this means you’ve finally found the place where your values and lifestyle will be supported and even encouraged by your surrounding community and government. Here, people live more environmentally friendly lives and the importance of the ecosystem is taught to primary school children. You’ll have better access to a carbon neutral, waste free life. For nature loves, this means you now have uninterrupted, unlimited exploration to do. You have 4 massive National Parks, endless wildlife, and an array of tropical plants to discover, and this will take a lifetime.

5: Of Course, the Food and Drink

There are many reasons impacting your decision to relocate, but the search for a happy, enjoyable life is at the top of everyone’s list. Living in a country with impeccable food and drink is a solid first step. You have tropical dishes, endless varieties of tropical fruits, and the most creative cocktails at your disposal. While enjoying eating your way through the region, you’ll quickly begin to notice the health impact as well. As delicious as this food is, it is traditionally made with all local, fresh ingredients. In a typical day, you’ll eat no highly processed or vacuum-packed food whatsoever. People who enjoy eating as the locals do report weight loss, improved happiness levels, and relief of symptoms from chronic disease without having implemented a new health routine.

Above all, this food will make you happy. Enjoy your new region and everything that comes with it, from the coconuts to the locally produced rum. You’re moving to the Caribbean to partake in the culture, and you can’t be disappointed when it centers around food, drink, and happiness.