Selling Tips

When selling Real Estate in Costa Rica it is not necessary to have a lawyer however it would be a good idea to have one present to make sure everything goes smoothly. The US Embassy has made a list of what they think are good lawyers in Costa Rica. We strongly recommend you read over our Costa Rica Real Estate Laws section to get a good idea of how things work.

Make sure that you have your lawyer check over all the papers for your property to make sure everything is in order!

Normally in Costa Rica realtors ask for 5-10% commission. Of course you can pay more or less. Less is usually only given for properties with higher prices!


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We started AXN MLS over 10 years ago with intention of being the best MLS in all of Costa Rica. On our website you will find some of the most remarkable properties Costa Rica has to offer.

Costa Rica Real Estate

As the years go by Costa Rica has seen an influx of ex-patriots as well as people who simply want to buy a second or vacation home. The natural beauty and diversity of Costa Rica makes it a first class destination and easy to understand why real estate in Costa Rica is in such high demand.

Costa Rica MLS

An MLS is a "Multiple Listing Service" which lists the properties of several agents, owners or representatives. With hundreds of properties available on our Costa Rica MLS we're confident you will find exactly what you're looking for.

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